Exit Real World – www.exitrealworld.comExit Real World is a skateboard snowboard shop in Portland Oregon.
Thunder Pop deck series
Exit had their 14th annivesary Birthday of being in business. They had asked me to do a flyer for the events they would hold in celebration.
So naturally I went to the Red Wood Space Forest to find the elusive lightning / jewel breathing Grizzly Bear. I finally found him boy did I get a pcture to remember.To document the jouney we put the the menacing creature on a tee and invited groms to the events. Thanks again EXIT. It was a sight to behold.


My good friend Kevin up there asked me to do a board series. This has been a life long dream of mine and I was really happy to pursue the project.. Thanks Kevin

For this board series i wanted to combine the most dangerous animals ever, loosely based on those amazing animal tees that you can find at hunting/ trucks stop shops and vintage clothing stores. The initial concept was a copethra (panther/cobra) in space. Why in space you ask? because you've never been there and you probably never will. These creatures have no use for the rest of their tail or body because in space everything is jet propelled. All animals in the future will have jets anyway. & what do animals do in space, in the future, you ask? Fight each other with lazer breath because they eat lazer powered crystals which the exit logo is made out of.